Mini Concrete Hard Hat Magnetic Paperweight Holding Gold Paper Clips Sitting on a Tray Next to a Writing Pen on top of a Journal on a Desk
Mini Concrete Hard Hat Magnetic Paperweight Holding Flower Push Pins Sitting on Top of Note Pads on a Desk
Mini Concrete Hard Hat Magnetic Paperweight Holding Bronzed Binder Clips Sitting on Construction Desk
Circle of Mini Concrete Hard Hat Magnetic Paperweights Laying at Different Angles
wooden hand with fingers in love pose holding concrete miniature hard hat paperweight on wood backdrop
Mid Century infographic inspired by massimo vignelli and humanscale charts with hand for scale signing love and holding mini hard hat helmet
Recycled and Recyclable Craft Paperboard Packaging and Paper Padded Mailer Envelope.

FREE SHIP - Magnetic Paperweight - Hand-Cast Concrete Hard Hat - 1pc

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Toss that lame pet rock and grab our limited edition workbench décor.  We made this for our 'Builder' friends.  A great one-of-a-kind gift for that maker in your life.  The pleasing heft of these raw concrete hard-hats embodies our love of FUNctional stationery goods.

This safety helmet can't protect your noggin, but it can keep you from going nuts over a few wondering screws.  A jumbo-sized ceramic magnet is cast inside the hand-poured concrete.  Finished with a slipper of natural cork ( a renewable resource ), this product can claim to be environmentally friendly.

Great for keeping a paper-clips or push-pins at arms reach.  Instantly have a clean desktop by slapping this 'organizer' on top of a pile of loose papers and saying, 'I'm so orga-matized!'


  • FREE U.S. Shipping [automatic at checkout]
  • Raw Concrete:  sand, Portland cement, and water
  • 62L x 46.5W x 34H mm | 2.45L x 1.83W x 1.33H inch
  • Hidden ceramic magnet [32mm Dia. X 6mm]
  • 2mm thick cork bottom pad
  • Mystical Mystery Magnetic function
  • Natural bubbles, flow, & flaws make one-of-a-kind products
  • Giftable Recyclable-Recycled Kraft Paper Packaging
  • Handmade in SoCal

Legal Disclaimer:  Not suggested for use by children or adults who throw tantrums.


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