Shipping & Returns

Low Impact Packaging 
We strive for minimal environmental impact in our packaging. We can’t make big claims, but we’re trying our best to make good choices. When the product is a BRiKHOUS original, we’ll spend the extra time & money to get you an enjoyable ‘unboxing’ experience that doesn’t leave you with a heaping mound of plastic-guilt. 

This is why you should expect your small item orders to arrive in a beautiful natural kraft, 100% recyclable mailer made with 100% recycled paper fibers. Receiving our package will basically leave you feeling as green as that time you planted a baby tree. Or the time you showed those power-vampires who’s the boss and powered-down your house for a long trip away. 

We do have to admit that packaging for some brands we curate will not come as friendly to the earth. They’ll have plastic windows and tiny unmarked plastic thermoforms. As we said, we’re just doing the best we can.



Shipping Terms
Orders are typically processed within 24 hours. A confirmation email with tracking details will be sent to once your order is shipped.

We are currently running ship tests to determine the actual travel time of our packages. For orders outside the continental U.S., we use alternative carriers. Please be aware that additional taxes may be required on foreign orders.



Return Policy
Our mission page speaks to our desire to do more good. This is reflected in our store policies. We offer what we call a ‘Good Time’ guarantee. Yeah, our products are guaranteed to last a good amount of time. If our product breaks too soon, we’ll help find you a remedy. We will do our best to make you happy with your purchase.

Please understand that in some cases we will ask for photographs before providing you with our return merchandise authorization (RMA). We can’t promise our pens won’t run out of ink or concrete won’t chip. But we do promise you’ll get enough use to justify your expense.

In very rare cases we reserve the right to simply say a heartfelt ‘we’re sorry’.   Or we may simply ask that you pay the return postage. Either way, we’ll probably say ‘we’re sorry’ and we’ll mean it.

In summary, email or sms-text your concern to us [ or (949)374-3775]. We will reply within 48 hours with directions and/or questions. We will provide a shipping label via email, if one is required. We accept returns within 30 days of receipt. The good(s) must be in like new condition, unless previously agreed via our returns communication. If an exchange is agreed upon, we will charge an additional $3 fee to ship the exchange to you. This exchange would be shipped within 48 of receipt of the item you are exchanging. You will be responsible for $3 of the return postage cost. In some cases, will may wave this fee. This amount will be deducted from a credit card refund which will be issued within 48 of our receipt of the product(s) being returned.

Legally we can’t be held responsible for damages caused by negligent use of our products. Please keep magnets and small items away from children, pets, or those who lack self-control (our lawyer suggested this).




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