Our Mission

Artful tiled grid of square craft paper BRiKHOUS company business cards with logo encircled by words do good make good

BRiKHOUS was founded on a desire to do more good. We do good design. We have good manners. We love good craftsmanship. And we make good stuff.

Our products are created and curated to cause a smile, ooh, awe, or all of the above. We hope their goodness brings you joy without compromising on utility.

We promise to continually add more good stuff to our product assortment. In early 2022 we’ll be continuing to add more trend-forward home office tools & décor.  We even have some new-to-us machinery that we're stoked to put to good use!

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Our boutique hopes to encourage and empower others to do more good alongside us. We’ve pledged a portion of our proceeds to Fred Jordan Missions to help the needy living on the streets of Los Angeles. 

Cheers to building together for good,

Your fellow do-gooders at BRiKHOUS


Want to know more about us? Follow us on Instagram: @brikhousllc to get our full story. You can also reach us on Facebook: brikhousllc

”Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up” [Romans 15:2].


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