4 hexagon shaped concrete magnets holding a photo of a young girl in a field of flowers onto a magnetic chalkboard with a baroque style picture frame
4 hexagon shaped concrete magnets arranged in a honeycomb pattern on a white wood background
4 hexagon shaped concrete magnets arranged in a honeycomb pattern with two flipped over showing large hexagon shaped vinyl magnet on back
swatch of raw plain concrete with flat smooth surface
Mid Century Postmodern size chart infographic poster inspired by massimo vignelli of human hand holding hexagon concrete magnet for scale

Geometric Magnets - Hand-Cast Concrete - Hexagons - 4pcs

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I agree.  Concrete is a horrible material choice.  It'll chip every time you drop it.  I fought the first time an illustrator suggested the concept back at UBRANDS.  Then again, I fought him on hexagons being a trendy shape for cork-tiles too.  Fortunately for you, I'm as mold-able as concrete. 

It took some convincing, but getting my hands on our first samples was a real game-changer.  We sold square concrete year one at Target stores, then moved to the hip-hexagon years two and three.  

These are new/old stock items in original packaging. We have collected as many sets as we can, from various small businesses, in order to give you a final chance of owning these. The quantity shown is all that remains in our inventory.


  • Hand-poured raw concrete [32L x 36W x 6H mm | 1.25L x 1.42W x .32H inch]
  • Die-cut vinyl magnet [28L x 31W x 2H mm]
  • Holds 5-7 letter-sized sheets to metal surfaces
  • Wears like a good pair of Levi's
  • Designed in SoCal, Made in China
  • Natural materials give every magnet a unique-patina

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