4 white faux taxidermy animal head decorative magnets with gold antlers and horns on magnetic chalkboard holding handwritten sign
4 white faux taxidermy animal head decorative refrigerator magnets with gold antlers and horns
white faux taxidermy animal head trophy magnets and push pins with gold antlers and horns
Postmodern size chart infographic poster inspired by massimo vignelli of human hand holding unicorn head magnet for scale
black and white photo of a stack of animal toys with heads missing two each of horse buffalo deer rhino moose bison and elephant

Magnets – Mini Déco-Hunting Trophies - Unicorn, Deer, Rhino, & Elephant - 4pcs

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It was brutal debauchery.  Toy-corpses were strewn across my desk as a twisted Pixar-Fangoria nightmarish collaboration had occurred.  Oh, but rising from the carnage of plastic shavings were these four glorious trophies.

Yeap. There were some odd Frankenstein moments in creating these sophisticated magnetic rarities.  Just saying, some toys were harmed in the Frankenstein-processes used to get just the right pairing of pointed-noggins. Once perfected specs & samples were shared with the factory for mold-making. 

These faux-trophy, miniature wall-mounts were developed back when I was Design Director at my last start-up, UBRANDS. The whole team fell in love with this quirky concept when Nick @marqwest originally conceived these for the 6 pack of push-pins.  Sadly, only 4 made the magnetic-cut. Why Target decided to stop selling these baffles us.  Our opinion is Unicorns will never go out of style.

Lucky you. We managed to 'hunt' down a few dozen sets of 4 when they changed their retail assortment!


  • High-Durometer PVC/Vinyl [36L x 30W x 40H mm | 1.42L x 1.18W x 1.57H inch average]
  • Neodymium ultra-strong magnet [5 Dia. x 3.5L mm]
  • Holds 7-10 letter-sized sheets to metal surfaces
  • Hand-painted metallic-gold filigree
  • Amazing toy-like detail
  • Glorious vinyl luster
  • Designed in SoCal, Made (in a toy factory) in China

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